What we do

By developing new technology, we will introduce innovative designs, transforming the landscape of the city. Advances in architecture are greatly related to advancement in technology. By using new construction technology, it will be possible to create forms of architecture that could not have been done before. Additionally, various problems in construction can be also be solved by using new technology. In recent years, due to the declining population in Japan, measures to deal with human resources shortage are urgently needed in the construction industry.

We believe an unmanned construction system is crucial in supporting the future of the building industry.

How we do it

The “Small Construction System Robot” we are developing is a brand-new system applying 3D printing technology to architecture. By linking the blueprints of the building to the robot, it will become possible to construct buildings in a short time with less personnel.

The robot will also realize designs that has never been seen before.

We hope to cause a revolution in the field of architecture by presenting a new option, one completely different from the existing building construction method.


Who we are

Archileon’s members are composed of full-time students and graduate students of the University of Tokyo. We all come from different fields such as Architecture, Robotics, Materials, Informatics. We believe that our various strengths are vital to our success.