Business Model

We are considering the following two models.


  1. B-to-B model

Working together with architects and building outer walls as a contractor.

business model a_2


The first step will be receiving orders from architects. By presenting options only we can offer, we believe that we can make our presence significant. During this stage, we hope to make people realize that uniquely shaped architecture is a realistic choice.

In the beginning, we plan to accumulate achievements surely here.

However, this model might not fulfill our full potential.

Once we gain a firm foothold, we will advance to the second plan.


  1. B-to-C model

Working with customers directly, starting from the design.

business model b_2


Here, we will begin to receive orders directly from consumers. This will allow us to interact with the people who will be using the buildings, and we believe that only through this will our technology be pressed to its limit, and be able to show our full capability.