Through developing the 3D printing system, we will revolutionize the 5 elements of building below.

*1 To construct a curved wall of width:15m, height:3m, thickness:15cm

The current production system commercializes buildings and aims at cheaper, more functional houses through standardization by mass production in factories. We use a self-propelled robot 3D printing system which can create any unique figure. No two will be the same.

The conventional method is extremely inapt at creating structures with curved walls. By using our system, it will take much less time and expense to build architecture that uses curves in its design. This is due to the need for less people thanks to automated construction, and the use of less materials.

For materials, we use geopolymer. This is made of fly ash, unnecessary ash discharged from thermal power plants. It is more eco-friendly compared to cement, and will reduce 80% of carbon dioxide emissions.